Home Sweet Home

I always say that wherever life takes me in this world, that Sydney will always be my home sweet home.

But imagine a time into the future where humans travel the known galaxy. Creating new homes on familiar exoplanets and travelling through the gleaming stars of distant solar systems.

There will come a time when planet Earth herself will be a place we all call home.

Natural Explorers

We are all natural explorers. Inside every one of us is the craving to travel and find somewhere new.

I used to think that living in this time and age, that the time for adventure and exploration was over. That there is no other place that hasnt already been explored. Oh boy was i wrong.

The longer I spend time on this Earth, the more I realise how small I really am. There are indeed a vast and endless array of adventures to be found all around us, we just need to open our minds and look.

Down and Up

There are times where life feels as if the moment is perfect and that everything is going well, may it be your career, relationships, studies, health or a combination of them all. But then there are those moments where things just dont go right, and it all just tumbles down on you. Like a row of dominos falling one another it feels as if it’s so hard to ever get back up.

And although these times can make you feel as if you’re on top of the world or in hindsight at your worst, it’s something we all go through, the ups and downs of life itself. Without them, we wouldn’t be human.

But for the many of us, it’s the chase to constantly find those peaks where we will find ourselves most lost. This is multiplied when we’re down, the peak seems so far away that it’s almost impossible to reach.

But what if we looked at this from another angle? If only instead of chasing the peak (or better yet, while finding the peak) that we think is the highest point in our lives, we sought to appreciate what we do have at this moment we would be far more better off and grateful. We will always have something good in our lives to lean on when we’re down and something to fall back against when we’re at our peaks.

This way, we always win and never lose 🙂