I think this is super cool…The Scale of the Universe!

Have you ever wondered how big the things in the universe really are? or maybe you’ve an interest rather in the things so small that we cant even see! Well, I stumbled across something really cool in my search for answers to these questions, a little visual flash representation of the scale of the universe.

Curiosity at it’s greatest can be found HERE

Small Screenshot

Large Screenshot

It’s quite dazzling to see the things big and small that make up the universe we live, it really puts into perspective who we are. It fits well with what I have always believed, that we are only a tiny speck in a universe so limitless. When you see the world from that point of view your problems just disappear, your worries will seem so insignificant to the greater cause; it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, we certainly feel the effects of it, but it does mean that we have control over how we choose to react to it. How infinitely large the universe is, is also how infinitely small it is too, it’s important to not forget that we too are giants to so much in this universe. The question I ask is, what type of giant will we choose to be? Will we be the friendly giants like the elephants that we know? or will be be the giants that destroy everything in it’s path?

I’ve spent hours pondering over the things I’ve seen on here. With an ever curious mind I go from one mystery to another. Maybe a good start for you is at the Giant Japanese Spider Crab!

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A Dream Journal Series – The Power of Friendship

  • Date: 11th March 2018
  • Lucidity: 2 / 10
  • Vividity: 7 / 10
  • Realism: 5 / 10


*Missing fragment*

“Avada Kedavra” screamed Voldemort and a shot of green light lit up the walls as it travelled across the hall to hit Harry square in the chest. The light travelled through his body passing back out through to Harmione, then bouncing across the hallway towards a statue of a brave old wizard centuries lost. Harry and Harmione was thrown backwards against the stone wall almost unconscious as Voldemort stepped over them towards the statue. “No”! He yelled “not again, you cannot protect him this time” as he raised the Elder Wand at the statue casting another jet of green light which caused a ripple of blue to travel throughout the hallway when the statue was hit. The Castle was protecting itself.

Voldemort turned back around with a face of pure evil and hatred. Harry and Harmione were standing up again but this time with their hands held, arm to arm as one, as companions and friends. A sense of renewed strength was in their eyes because of what they had just seen, witnessing that harm cannot come to them if they stood against evil together. It is then when, together and with purpose they cast the spell that would rid Voldemort from this earth for good.

The End

The Bubble

It’s an interesting thing, the bubble.

It starts off so very small, you don’t even take notice of it. Inside your very own little bubble everything is as it should be and nothing is as it shouldn’t. We are most content inside here, it’s peaceful, the flow is slow and calm and we know this bubble inside and out. Why would we ever venture outside?

But venture outside we must because the world around us is not content with you.

It’s a battle that we all fight every single day and for the most of us we try to hold onto our bubble, keep it the size we want as if we have our arms curled around it not wanting it to get out of our control. Because it’s safer that way, right?

We block off what’s happening outside of our bubble, not wanting to know and not wanting to care. Because the more we know, the more little we get, the more complex life becomes.

Because the bubble is only as large as you are willing to accept change, only as large as your knowledge of what’s at the end and beyond, only as large as you’ve ventured outside of the comfort, warmth and safety of your bubble.

We all live in our own bubbles, but how far and wide are you willing to stretch yours? And what are you willing to do to unfold the myste

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To You

It’s always been true

You have these great big wings

Of the many who saw could not help themselves but sing

Gleaming white, sparkling with feathers so clear and shiny

Unable to shift for there are ropes that grasp them tightly


A feather escapes by breaking from its owners mask

Through the thousand hands that hold their grasp

It’s beautiful

And It fills you with hope

For a moment there it reminded you

of who you were and what’s now new

It changes colour, it darkens and withers and like the autumn leaves

It dies away

At this, you watch and see

Reflected in the only mirror that’s anywhere near

Repeated a thousand times

Until you are all but mine


Post poem thoughts:

  • Who are we talking about when they say “You”?
  • What do the wings, ropes, feathers and mask represent?
  • Why is it a reflection from a mirror?
  • And who is the person behind the camera when it says “until you are all but mine”?