The Bubble

It’s an interesting thing, the bubble.

It starts off so very small, you don’t even take notice of it. Inside your very own little bubble everything is as it should be and nothing is as it shouldn’t. We are most content inside here, it’s peaceful, the flow is slow and calm and we know this bubble inside and out. Why would we ever venture outside?

But venture outside we must because the world around us is not content with you.

It’s a battle that we all fight every single day and for the most of us we try to hold onto our bubble, keep it the size we want as if we have our arms curled around it not wanting it to get out of our control. Because it’s safer that way, right?

We block off what’s happening outside of our bubble, not wanting to know and not wanting to care. Because the more we know, the more little we get, the more complex life becomes.

Because the bubble is only as large as you are willing to accept change, only as large as your knowledge of what’s at the end and beyond, only as large as you’ve ventured outside of the comfort, warmth and safety of your bubble.

We all live in our own bubbles, but how far and wide are you willing to stretch yours? And what are you willing to do to unfold the myste

Thanks for reading ❤️

Author: Jason Li

Jason Li grew up in the big bad city of Sydney. After all these years, he’s still growing up; or at least trying to. Sometimes he writes. Sometimes he gets lucky and writes something good. Most of the time, however, he has no idea where life is taking him, living life just one single day at a time.

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