Following the Great Footsteps of History

There are certain places in the world that are unlike so many others. Many of which have been lost and hidden in time and history.

When I ask myself the questions which ponder at our worlds greatest histories, it often revolves around how they came to be, what was it that made it so incredible and how can I today recreate it. I speak of the great routes and paths of ancient and modern history, routes which have defined much of the worlds cities, societies and cultures that we see today and for centuries to come.

From the ancient Silk Road to the path Gandhi took on his peaceful Salt march, from Alexander the Great’s conquest to the Germans march across Belgium which sparked WW1, from the many pilgrimages millions take each year for their faith in religion and/or spirituality, these are the paths in which history has and continue to be written. These paths not only gave way to the trade of rare commodities, knowledge from travellers of far away cities, cultural and societal norms and beliefs; but they also gave way to much of the violence and conquest that we have seen in histories past.

To re-enact and follow in these great footsteps of history, I hope to seek a greater understanding of our past. Some of my major goals in life revolve around completing these journeys ahead, following the towns and cities, the cultures and stories in which they passed; because maybe, just maybe by seeking to understand our greatest histories can we begin to build and even greater future.


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Some of these major routes I seek are listed here below, is there a famous route that changed the world that you would like to embark on one day?

  • The Silk Road – An ancient trade route connecting the East to West
  • The Gospel Trail – Following the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples
  • Alexander the Great – His journey of conquest
  • The Salt March – Led by Gandhi which in turn began a wide protest for Independence in India
  • The Inca Trail – A hiking trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, an ancient civilisation which thrived in the Peruvian mountains
  • The Eight Great Sites – The path of Buddha and his journey to enlightenment
  • The Hajj – The annual pilgrimage for millions of Muslims to the city of Mecca


It’s a feeling like nothing.


Staring into the distance

Waiting for the time to pass, for the pain to pass

But is it even pain you ask

You don’t really know how you feel


Maybe just sad

Tired, breathing

Why do you feel this way?

Will it ever go away?


Against everything around you

Against life

Numb to the things that you used to care about

Numb to those you love so much

That’s right, too numb to even love

Take a deep breath

Everything will be okay


Note: To those who ask if I am okay, thank you and I am ❤ It’s just something I and I think we all experience in life from time to time. I’m not sure if any of it makes sense to you but it has to me in the past and I feel that it will too once again; because this is within us all.


Not long ago I lost someone whom I cared about more than I had ever been able to show.

Yes, show is the word I use here. It is only when you’ve truly lost something that you loved dearly that you realise that you could have done more.

Everyday I like to think I appreciate those that are close to me in life. My family and good friends, I think about you a lot. How rare and lucky I am to have not one but both in my life. But even though you try your hardest to appreciate their presence now, is it really true that you always could have done more? That you could have always said more, been there for them more?

Sometimes I think life is cruel in that life can take away those we care about most in a blink of an eye. One day, there they are, a big bright smile, a laugh to make your heart swarm, an ear to ever listen and a soul that gives you hope in this world…and the next, they’re gone, just like that.

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