Not long ago I lost someone whom I cared about more than I had ever been able to show.

Yes, show is the word I use here. It is only when you’ve truly lost something that you loved dearly that you realise that you could have done more.

Everyday I like to think I appreciate those that are close to me in life. My family and good friends, I think about you a lot. How rare and lucky I am to have not one but both in my life. But even though you try your hardest to appreciate their presence now, is it really true that you always could have done more? That you could have always said more, been there for them more?

Sometimes I think life is cruel in that life can take away those we care about most in a blink of an eye. One day, there they are, a big bright smile, a laugh to make your heart swarm, an ear to ever listen and a soul that gives you hope in this world…and the next, they’re gone, just like that.

Thanks for reading ❤️

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Author: Jason Li

Jason Li grew up in the big bad city of Sydney. After all these years, he’s still growing up; or at least trying to. Sometimes he writes. Sometimes he gets lucky and writes something good. Most of the time, however, he has no idea where life is taking him, living life just one single day at a time.

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