The Science of Motivation

Each day we wake up. We experience life. The good and the bad. What is it that keeps us motivated to keep going? It is so often that times are tough, many of us wake up each morning dreading the work day ahead, I myself am included in that group from time to time. What really changes this is the way we think about it. You see, it’s a test of your mental strength to wake up, to see a situation, to flip your circumstance on it’s head.

We have to ask ourselves why we do what we do each day. If we can find an answer for that, then you can find motivation within it. Some of the greatest reasons for me to wake up each morning are relatable to why others do too, let me give you some reasons.

  • For the family. For those of you who know me, you’ll know that The Godfather is my favourite movie of all time. The movie represents something that is what makes us humans prosper in this world and that is the ability to work together, empathis and socialise with one another. Family does not only refer to blood, although in many a past this has been the case. But if we dig deeper, family actually means to protect the ones in which you love and care for most and as humans develop and the world becomes ever more connected, we inevitably remove old titles in the meaning of family like blood and relatives and instead adopt the word as it’s true meaning, one which sees every human as one enothers brothers and sisters. But we are still yet to reach the utopian society I envision in my mind, so family to me and to you means those in which you love and care for the most in your lives and that Is the first and foremost.
  • To change the world. One of my favourite songs, Michael Jackson’s – Man in the Mirror tells me something, that by looking within and changing ourselves we are inherently making the world a better place for all. We all contribute to the greater society in one way or another, no matter who you are or what you do. The work we do each day may seem invaluable or pointless in the whole scale of things, but without it, our society would not function. We have to see that for what it is, take a step back and see how our work each day makes a real impact on the world and people around us because I guarantee you can find that in anything that you do; which leads onto my next point.
  • To get you to where you want to be. In other words, what you are doing today, the things you learn, create and achieve will allow you to move to where your goals are in the future. I know the whole goals, passion and dreams thing is all the buzz these days but for humanity, or more specifically by the luck of being the 1% born here in the developed world, we have the luxury to even understand these terms, let alone try to seek them and to seek them is truly one of the most toughest but rewarding things you will ever find in life. So please, my friends, I beg of you, please seek and never give up, which follows onto our next point.
  • To do it for the little guy. To do it for those who don’t even have the chance. To do it for those in which are unable. This one is among one of the most heartfelt reasons why we must push on. You may not realise but by the luck of the universe, we have been gifted the ability to think and reflect, by the luck of where we are born we have been given the chance at life, the true freedoms that almost all of humanity has been working towards is here and now despite all the negativity that surrounds us about how things are not going right. So how can we take this for granted? how can we sit here and not do the best we can for those who are not so lucky, for those who have not been given a chance and for those who are unable. We must stay strong if not for anything, for them.
  • And finally, to be the best that you can be. There is no excuse to not doing the best that you can in everything that you do. Key words, the best that you can. Only you can truly know what that means and it’s in no comparison to anyone else. It should never ever be in comparison to anyone else as hard as that may be. But in a society that compares one another’s potention this is hardly something you can avoid. I’m telling you to avoid it nonetherless. Because it is truly a personal feat to know that you have achieved all you can on any given day.

A heartfelt topic, and for me it’s something I think about every single day. What motivates you to do what you do each day? I ask you to please ask yourself and do not fear the answer, instead, embrace it.


Stay strong and thanks for reading friends. Always.

Love, Jason.


Cooking 101 – Vietnamese Chicken and Rice Something

Welcome to the first instalment of Jason’s cooking recipes and adventures 101. Don’t be discouraged though, I know my failure rate is high but that depends on who you talk to, those figures were biased because I think edible is still edible until it’s not and you fall sick or die; luckily, that day has yet to come.

The cover photo is the yummy dish I made today #nofilter. I don’t actually know the name of this dish because it’s a special one my sister in law made up. So, without a further ado, here we go.

Teacher: Master Chef, Brother Michael Li

Description: So this meal is a fusion (buzzword get your attention?) between the Vietnamese rice dishes and modern day ingredients and cooking style. I don’t really know what I’m talking about tbh. But this should feed 4 people or maybe 2 hungry Jason’s.


  • A bunch of shallots
  • A bunch of coriander
  • A whole chicken (unfrozen, preferably free-range, non-hormone injected, non-GMO? and was separated from his family in a humane way)
  • 3 Scoops of rice
  • A pinch of salt
  • A dabble of sesame oil
  • A dabble of Oyster sauce
  • A blub of Hoi Sin Sauce
  • A roll of ginger
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 3 cucumbers


  1. Fill a large pot with boiling water and start the fire. Put the whole chicken in the pot, close the lid and start the 30minute timer.
  2. Wash the shallots, coriander, ginger, tomatoes and cucumbers, put them aside.
  3. Cut the shallots into thin slices and the ginger in even more finer pieces. The cucumbers in small round slices and tomatoes into small squares.
  4. Take the chicken out of the pot and break the chicken apart into sizable pieces, make sure they’re not too thick as they may still be uncooked inside. Remove the chicken butt, unless you’re into that stuff, along with the fatty parts.
  5. Prepare the rice and rice cooker, place the coriander in with the rice and use the chicken stock to cook the rice. Don’t pour away the chicken stock, we will reuse this.
  6. Sauce 1 – Put the shallots into a bowl, add two teaspoons of salt, something like half a cup of oyster sauce and something like 1/4 cup of sesame oil, mix it all together well…I was told you can add as much of whatever to your liking…
  7. Sauce 2 – Put a cup of Hoi Sin sauce in a bowl and add the ginger in there, that simple!
  8. With the rice almost ready, start to plate up and reboil the chicken stock. Place the chicken back in the pot to cook any uncooked parts of the chicken, you only need to leave it in there for a few minutes.
  9. Plate up and make sure you take photos for SC, IG, FB, Twitter before you eat. Enjoy 🙂

Footnotes and nutritional facts:

  • Very nutritional
  • Clean up as you go
  • Don’t leave the chicken in the pot, it can overcook / too tender
  • Actually eat the food instead of just taking the photos
  • Know the difference between ginger and garlic
  • Thanks Michael for your wise cooking advice and thanks mum for not giving up on me


Happy reading. Happy eating! 🙂





Ticking Time – 3 Months

It’s October the 1st, a Monday. A Labour day.

It just so happens that today is no typical day. In the background, music to my ears, my niece of 3 runs around the family home laughing and playing with whatever she finds intriguing, that of which is everything. Her parents are busying themselves in the kitchen, preparing for a big day ahead to celebrate the 1st birthday of their second born, Alicia.

My part in all of this comes in later today, when the guests arrive and the chicken and chips are to be fried.

So for now, on the hammock I sit and write this memo to my present and near future self. It seems like an opportune time to do so, 3 months before I say see ya later to all of this, so much I cherish and will miss.

A heartfelt start to a post in which is to support me in the next 3 months through this incredible time of the year. I chose the presents to reflect upon the near future because this will allow me to remember the how and the why’s and align my thoughts and vision for where I see myself in the time coming. So without afurther ado, I begin with the first and foremost;

A Look at You – For those of you who have been the support in my life, I dedicate a time and space to look at you and in rememberance of you and what you mean to me. In the upcoming months, I will share our past and present annonymously in a post with a tagline that only you and I would understand. I can only hope that in doing so, you will know that you always have a place in my life and wherever we end up in the coming years, we can kick off with where we left off, the present in which we left off.

Pictures – In recent time’s I’ve underestimated the power of a photo, an image or a drawing to represent the ideas and emotions that we encounter in our lives. In my future posts, I intend to learn more about this, I hope to find and share pictures which we can all relate and accompany them with my thoughts and feelings.

Community – Where do we hope to find a sense of community in this vast world we live? It never came to thought until I realised I might actually be all on my own when I move away from home. For many I think this is incredibly daunting and one of the big reasons why we stay where we are, comfortable with what we have, content with all the love and support that already surrounds us. I’d like to think that I am also, but at the same time i’ve always had a longing to to stray from everything that is in the norm. If you know me well then you’d know that I have alrady invited you to come join me when I move, even if that chance was super super low; I guess, in a way I wish I could bring the community I already have with me wherever I go.

Preparations – The last of which I must make note of within the next few months is preparation. I won’t go too much into the details as mostly this is for my own reference so I will list some of the things I have to wrap my head around in the next 3 months. The job. My one way flight. A friends wedding in Bangladesh. My search for affordable accomodation. My selt taught cook-book and search for the inner chef. My health and wellbeing or lifestyle. Travel and social tools and apps. Managing my finances. Managing my finances again.