Welcome to my personal blog where I share with you the people I meet, the books I am reading and the things I am learning.

With this blog, I hope for three things:

  1. I hope to learn about the reality in which we live. Our perception of the world we live is exactly that, our own and ours only, but we can always start by learning from one another. The main purpose of this blog is to document my experiences in life, my deep thoughts and insights; much of which may seem obvious at first but never fully understood.
  2. I hope to learn about you. Your path in life and why you have chosen it, the difficulties that lie ahead, the lessons learned that follow you closely behind. I want to know if there is something that we can do together to help each other achieve our goals in life.
  3. I hope to learn about myself, deeply. I want to understand the questions in life which have been burning within every one of us since the dawn of time. Who am I? and why am I here? What is our purpose in life and how do we find it? Or do we even try to seek it? Are we driven by a higher power? or is it what some people call destiny? I don’t ever expect to find the answers to these questions but if I never try to, I would have failed the one purpose I truly know is worth seeking.


Thanks for reading ❤