“I’ve always believed that your parents want the best for you, but at the same time, they don’t always know what that is. As much heartache as it may cause, it’s about standing up for your beliefs, who you are and what you want in life, instead of just being what they would like you to be. They will, in time see that you are your own person, that you have and always will honestly and wholeheartedly take in consideration the advice they give; but ultimately make your own path In life. When they see this, and it will take time, they will not only be proud of who you have become (a strong, independent individual), but you will also have grown to be someone you are proud of, incorporating some of your parents greatest strengths and teachings along with your very own and where your heart lies.”

Jason Li

Feature image – Graduation Day. The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Taken on the 9th of May 2017


It’s a feeling like nothing.


Staring into the distance

Waiting for the time to pass, for the pain to pass

But is it even pain you ask

You don’t really know how you feel


Maybe just sad

Tired, breathing

Why do you feel this way?

Will it ever go away?


Against everything around you

Against life

Numb to the things that you used to care about

Numb to those you love so much

That’s right, too numb to even love

Take a deep breath

Everything will be okay


Note: To those who ask if I am okay, thank you and I am ❤ It’s just something I and I think we all experience in life from time to time. I’m not sure if any of it makes sense to you but it has to me in the past and I feel that it will too once again; because this is within us all.