I am a huge fan of…Harry Potter!

At the time of writing (18th January 2018) I am currently reading for the first time the 6th instalment of the much famed Harry Potter Series! Which is of course Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

J.K.Rowling is an incredible writer. She has been able to tie together a story so rich and believable that it is hard not to get caught up in the world of magic even when you are between chapters. This is an incredibly rare thing to do and in so many ways you can understand why there is such a vast fan base out there from all walks of earth. These fans, who’ve still very much in touch with the child inside of them, still see magic in the air with each and every passing day, ever searching for even the slightest hint of something more. In doing so they have opened themselves to the possibilities in this world that the word impossible is just a means to find the possible.

Happy reading everyone ❤

P.S. Harry Potter movie marathon anyone?!

A bit of Magic

I Love fiction, I love fantasy and magic. For me, what really sets an amazing story from another is in it’s ability to create a sense of realism. The possibility for the reader, the listener and viewer to believe that out there in this vast universe we live in, it might actually exist.

Fiction. Fantasy. Magic.

The Studio Ghibli Films is an example of one which does that well. It’s almost like a dream as you step into the world Hayao Miyazaki creates for the viewer. An incredibly powerful sense of real moving and shaping worlds coupled with a douse of magic and art make it both a beauty to watch and for the viewer to become captured into.

Great novels also give off a similar vibe because our imaginations are limitless. One of my personal favorites is George Orwells 1984, with him being able to shift the readers mindset into an entirely new world he’s created and dauntingly also as you follow he main character in his daily life.