That’s the word my “experienced” colleague used to describe his generation when we talked about how these trialling times of virtual working will change the way we see our workplaces in the future.

It gave me both a laugh and serious thought, not only because it brought flashbacks of one of Shawshank’s greatest moments of moral implications, but also because it reminds us as young professionals within our own organizations to think differently, to fight for what we believe the future of OUR workplaces should and will look like.

How do you think the way we work has and will change because of this?

Feature image – Grand People’s Study House, Pyongyang, North Korea. Taken on the 7th of March 2016


My great aunt once said that the key to living a long and healthy life was in the variety. She said never to be picky with the foods you eat, that a good variety of all foods in your diet will keep you healthy for many years to come. I must of been no more than 6 years old when she told me this. I believed her, and never stopped believing.

Today, I eat everything and anything, in moderation and in great vast variety. I am never one to turn down an interesting cuisine, an odd dish or a crazy food (yeah, even the creepy crawlies!). In fact, I really enjoy them! It’s one of the reasons why I love travelling for food, for the cultural food experience. I always have that feeling of “give me something your mum would cook you”! and never have I turned back.

To me, food in all it’s forms is a blessing, how lucky I am to have food on the table, to have the meat of another animals sacrifice in which I thank deeply in this circle of life; to have the greens that mother Earth provides. This keep me humble, to not pick and choose, to not chase or fight but just enjoy the goodness that life brings.

Sometimes, I’d like to attribute this to my good health, my strength both body and in mind and my immunity to allergies and intolerences. Ofcourse, I’d never really know if it was really the reason for it, but better not take that chance and let’s keep eating our way through the world.

Thanks for reading ❤

Feature image – In North Korea, myself and four other travellers delve into a classic Korean BBQ. The traditional “Banchan” refers to the variety of up to 12 small dishes which are shared amongst your peers. This was taken somewhere in Pyongyang, North Korea on the 8th of March 2016.

Memories – Seoul Fish Markets

A random thought came into me yesterday afternoon as I stood around with my friends. It was a thought that made me smile and giggle out of nowhere. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it, a memory that returns to greet us, most of the time they’re nice and sweet memories of times past, although that’s not always the case.

This time it was me, mum and Ken on our road trip through Korea. We were in Seoul one night and was making our way to the fish markets. Mum felt like a pan fried fish so I suggested we buy some fresh fish from the markets, take it back to our apartment and cook it for dinner. Positive reactions from all around so we went ahead with it.

The fish markets were quite similar to those of Busan’s, except Busan had an awesome market outdoors! You’d have a large warehouse type of building with multiple levels where all sorts of fishes and sea life are flipping around. Each buiding looked the same as the other, each level looked the same as the other and each vendor looked the same as the other. How does one make a purchase decision with those options! furthermore there aren’t really any pricetags attached, it’s kind of just like an asking, then bargaining situation. In the end we settled for a fish, the cost of the fish itself was almost the cost of having the same fish cooked for you in the restaurant! How does that happen? anyways, we still really wanted to take it home and cook it fresh for ourselves; so we did.

Back in our apartment, the fish was being fried. The smell of the fish ran rampant throughout the kitchen and soon throughout the apartment; we were in a smog of fish oil and smoke, fun. You could of easily guessed that mum had left the cooking for me and Ken. Serving the fishes onto the plates, there were parts that were burnt but atleast it was all cooked. I don’t think we were too concerned with the fish itself as much as trying to rid the whole apartment of smelling like fish oil.

In all my mums humbleness she said the fish was nice, even though we knew it was a disapointment. Mum’s always been a bit like that, kind when she knows she needs to be, stern when we boys don’t listen. We sat there with a nice view of Seoul as we ate our home made fish and rice whilst smelling like fish and oil the whole time. A sweet memory of the things that happen that are almost always untold but stay with us for life.


Thanks for reading ❤

Feature image – Wandering the Jagalchi Fish Markets in Busan, South Korea. Taken on the 28th of August 2017

A Tribute to DQ.1 – The End of an Era

As the 10th Anniversary of DQ.1 comes to an end, it marks the end of an incredible and unforgettable era. Under the Australian sun, Defqon.1 made its way into our lives and deeper into our hearts. The festival, often referred to as a rave represented many things, often unique to each and every individual. But buried deep within its roots is a story of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect (PLUR), the code that brings with it a sense of community and love for all who enjoy the music.

For most people outside of the scene, it’s hard to understand the roots of this community and very easy to cast judgement upon the few outliers which outshine the rest. I don’t believe myself, even after 8 years in the scene can begin to understand it.

But this post is not to cause argument nor take sides. As a personal blogger, this is for me, to remember and cherish the good times I had with good friends; so with that, here are among some of my own favourites over the years. ❤



Spring 18′

As Spring takes the stage this year, it marks the beginning of the most festive time of the year 🌻🌸🦋🍓🍹At the same time it is the most vibrant, bright in her shades of green, yellow, red, purple and pink!

It’s often seasons pass without any notice and that’s true of so many things in life, so let’s all take a moment to appreciate the beautiful Earth we live knowing that to even have a seasonal change is a miracle on it’s own.

For me, it will be a bitter sweet moment as I spend my last few months here in Sydney with my closest of friends and family. It will be a challenge to balance the workload that will be coming not only in terms of my relationships and the workplace but also the preparations before the move.

For you, Spring is a time of change. A chance to start fresh and new. Spring is a time to take off that heavy coat that’s been weighing you down. It’s a time to celebrate growth and action, reflecting upon those dreams that you have put on hold throughout the cold Winter.

I hope that we all can enjoy this years Spring because before you know it, it’s winter again…for me it is at least up there in the Northern Hemisphere.

Thanks for reading ❤

A Dream Journal Series – Snow

  • Date: 13th February 2018
  • Lucidity: 3 / 10
  • Vividity: 9 / 10
  • Realism: 8 / 10


It was the beginning of a long journey ahead.

Snow poured heavily down onto the earth and with each step you sunk further into its grasp. Our group reached the first checkpoint and the device stood there like a plaque welcoming its visitors. An eerie feeling of having done this whole trip before struck me and as I held the device I somehow knew what I had to do. A certain combination allowed me to unlock items and upgrades that would have been impossible to think of attaining before.

I got back into the line of fellow friends and we kept digging our way through the snow, slowly creating a path just small enough for us to walk in a line. Most of us were exhausted from the journey, however I had gained a strength unbeknownst to them because of the device i’d found so I took the lead from time to time pretending it was through sheer willpower that pushed me through the snow.

The End


Stop. Pause. Sit alone on top of a busy rooftop bar.

I’ve been here a dozen times and not once have I ever noticed how the lights shine and shimmer around me. I’ve never noticed the couple by the side table enjoying a conversation over German beer, a giant pretzel and a beautiful meal. Ive never noticed the beat of the music in the background, but I do see everyone who moves along with it. I’ve never noticed all the quiet souls who blend in seeking a temporary block from life, a way to fast forward in time to a place we dream, a way to forget what we have lost, a way to calm our heavy beating hearts.

I’ve never noticed, until the day that I am one myself.

Stay strong my friends. Love, Jason.

To You

It’s always been true

You have these great big wings

Of the many who saw could not help themselves but sing

Gleaming white, sparkling with feathers so clear and shiny

Unable to shift for there are ropes that grasp them tightly


A feather escapes by breaking from its owners mask

Through the thousand hands that hold their grasp

It’s beautiful

And It fills you with hope

For a moment there it reminded you

of who you were and what’s now new

It changes colour, it darkens and withers and like the autumn leaves

It dies away

At this, you watch and see

Reflected in the only mirror that’s anywhere near

Repeated a thousand times

Until you are all but mine


Post poem thoughts:

  • Who are we talking about when they say “You”?
  • What do the wings, ropes, feathers and mask represent?
  • Why is it a reflection from a mirror?
  • And who is the person behind the camera when it says “until you are all but mine”?




Before life happened

Before my last warm breath

Before I could fight no longer

My pain and suffering, grief and sorrow

Before my losses

and long before my gains

Before the expectations

Before all of the fear

and hope

Before the promises

Too ambitious

Impossible….they said

This was before I found me

Before I found you

Yes, you

This was before that

and before it all

We were born